About Us

Starting out as a marginal Liner shipping Company with just 19 vessels, the Unified Maritime has today evolved into the largest Indian shipping Company. The Unified Maritime Services also has substantial interests in various segments of the shipping trade. Unified Maritime’s owned fleet includes Bulk carriers, Crude oil tankers, Product tankers, Container vessels, Passenger-cum-Cargo vessels, Phosphoric Acid / Chemical carriers, LPG / Ammonia carriers and Offshore Supply Vessels. Sailing through for nearly five decades, the Unified Maritime today has a significant presence on the global maritime map.




Our Vision

To emerge as a team of inspired performers in the field of maritime logistics, Offshore, Port and Terminal Management, serving Indian and global trade.


The UNIFIED Maritimen of India Ltd. works to fulfil its objectives as mentioned below:

  • To provide its clientele safe, environmentally sustainable, reliable, efficient and quality shipping services, complying with all legal and other requirements.
  • To be an optimally profitable, viable, ethical and socially responsible commercial organization contributing to the national economy by securing a reasonable return on capital and serving the nation’s needs.
  • To own or acquire an adequate, well designed and efficient fleet to cater to the demand of global maritime trade through options like leasing, demise charter, joint ventures and other innovative financial measures.
  • To be a major player in India’s offshore and other marine activities and to continue to explore opportunities for diversification for steady growth of the Company.
  • To enhance competency and professionalism among its fleet and shore personnel through effective and dynamic Human Resource Management.
  • To continually improve its efficiency in process and technology, adopting various measures including E-governance and optimum use of Information Technology.
  • To minimize risks and environmental impacts for achieving Safety, Health and Environmental performance.


  • To Unified Maritime and coastal seaborne trade as its primary flag carrier, and be an important player in the field of global maritime logistics with focus on:
  • Maintaining its ‘Numero Uno’ position in Indian Shipping
  • Establishing a major global presence in energy–related, dry bulk and niche container shipping markets.
  • Evolving reliable and cost-effective business models to exploit emerging opportunities in maritime and allied industries.
  • Achieving excellence in Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems.